Twitter to control social media bullying

Buy Twitter retweets to increase your user engagement on Twitter. This blog post is related to the steps taken by Twitter to prevent social media bullying. Bullying isn’t a new thing, but the reason why you are hearing this is because bullying is now taking place on a much wider basis and the impact of it is real bad. Once children were bullied only in schools and colleges, but now with the advent of social media, bullying is being done in several social networks too. This is causing adverse effect to various children and teenagers and preventing them from living a normal adult life. Social media bullying includes various activities like posting negative comments, abusive pictures, pornographic tagging, etc.

Starting today we’re rolling out an improved way to flag abusive Tweets. See how it works.

Twitter is taking big steps to control social media bullying on Twitter. The company announced easier ways to block users in fewer steps, who posts negative or abusive contents. It also introduced the blocked accounts page, where in you will be able to see those accounts which you have blocked. At first to report an issue, Twitter users had to fill up a long question form and submit them to Twitter for a review and take steps accordingly, now Twitter is planning to simplify it. Twitter is also planning to take steps instantly on Tweets which have been flagged by a good number of people. Twitter will enable the users to manage the blocked contacts from the Blocked Accounts page that will appear in the settings menu of the users logged in from computer.

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Twitter is also making various changes in control features and even promised that they will implement various changes to make the best use of Twitter and introduce various control features to an account. They will make it sure that users are given all the controls to report or block abusive accounts and tweets and prevent bullying on Twitter network. No matter how effective their promises or changes might be, but this is a huge step taken by Twitter to act against Social Media bullying.

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