Predictions of 2015 Social Media Trends

2014! Phew…a year full of social media evolution and acquisitions. So how was the year 2014 to you? Did it go more than you wished for or did each social media update impact your business worst than the earlier? It definitely couldn’t be that bad, never mind you have to start afresh again in few days with the year 2015. It is not possible that your business reset with commencing of each year, but you have to carry your business right from that point where you left it before the Christmas Holidays. Grow your business with the country of your own choice and buy targeted Twitter followers.  With the New Year, it is the time to rethink your marketing strategy and social media strategy as well, because the predictions show that 2015 will be a hell of a roller coaster ride. Below are some of the Social media trends Predictions for the year 2015:


  • Less text: Images and videos and infographics will have more features on the front than short texts. Few networks already announced the priority of videos on posts and that these posts would be given more priority in terms of people reach.
  • More Text: Texts here is referred to as content and articles. The term content marketing has been the greatest tool for engagement and virality since a long time. The same will persist in 2015, rather more and more webs and blogs will come up with the business of content marketing and use the media industry, entertainment, controversial topics as their subject of content.
  • Growth in Paid Advertisement: Facebook already announced that they will limit the reach of companies and brand’s posts unless they are advertised. This is a huge step taken by Facebook and it clearly shows that Facebook is trying to mint money from now and will make advertising a compulsory process.

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  • LinkedIn will grow: The professional social network LinkedIn will see enormous signups and engagements, as some people feel that Social networking site Facebook has become very saturated and people now have grown the habit of engaging and following business corporate to acquire ideas and get into the business competition. And moreover LinkedIn is full of working and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Mobile data is vital: Mobile data operators can easily track down which of your browsed product viewed from your mobile is driving sales. With this companies will try to reach out to customers in every possible way to convince them to make a purchase.
  • Social network and ecommerce compounding: Twitter and Facebook have already experimented the “Buy Now” button with various users selected at random, and are planning to implement it with all users pretty soon. Now, users will be able to make any purchase directly from the social media, even if you are on mobile screen. This gives a hint about the intervention of the social media giants into ecommerce industry. Pinterest too is predicted to implement the “Buy Now” feature, though nothing is confirmed yet.


These are the social media trends prediction for 2015. Start getting ready to adapt with the changes and get the best strategy designed today.