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We are all aware now that Social media is very important for business and achieving great user engagement is one of the main goals of every business trying to make it big on social media. But the biggest question is now, when the social media race is at a very high level and the increase in number of social media networks, is it necessary to keep your posts active and engage with traffic over different platforms?

According to me, being active in all social networks is very important. It is because you have various audiences in different social media, and each social media is very identical and unique in its own way. Each social network is different from each other and equally important like one another. Now the question is should I try to engage and be active in all social media platforms?

Here are two reasons or rather realisations of mine that may compel you to think that you should start getting active on every social media platforms:

  • Each Social media platform has a whole new set of fresh audience:

Well, let me ask you; do you have the same people who follow you on Facebook following you on other platforms as well? Definitely the answer would be No, a maximum of 15% of the audience you have are common in all social media platforms. So you have a lot of unique and extended audience in each of the networks. Collectively the volume of audience is huge. So posting and being active on each platform help you to reach a good number of audience.  Suppose if I consider myself, I have few thousands of audiences in each social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. So obviously I will be active in various platforms to reach out to the maximum audience possible. If you skip any social platform then you are missing out a good number of audience.

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  • Be unique with each social media platform:


Ignore the myths and rumours that all social media is same as it fulfils the sole objective of getting social. Let me tell you, each social media is different with each other by a great extent . In Twitter if you are tweeted then it means that you are being broadcasted, whereas in Facebook, things get too personal and in Google+, discussions are given the most priority. And in LinkedIn it is all about getting connected with potential people and business talks are the most focused talks. As a marketer I would tell you that each of these social networks are equally important for an all round social development and help you brand your company and reach audiences to every corner.


With these realisations, I tell you that you shouldn’t be worried about your effort being doubled and duplicated while posting on various networks. Because you are not duplicating any thin, it is just that you are trying to reach your audiences to every way possible. But you need to be sure that you are customising the title based on the nature of each social network to match their niche. This way you can easily grab the attention of your audience and get your voices heard.

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