Guides to create an engaging Twitter profile

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Everyone has heard about Twitter, it is the largest micro blogging network. If you still have not heard about it, then I doubt you might have been in a hibernation stage for late. Twitter which started as a micro blogging network is now utilised by various brands and companies to reach out to the audiences and grow their network. Twitter, if used properly can act as a very potential tool for your advertisement and one of the vital factors for this is user engagement. You need to understand and figure out how you can get users to engage with you and follow your profile. Here are few highly potential guidelines that you might be ignoring for creating an impressive and attractive Twitter profile.

  • Complete Twitter Profile: While creating your Twitter profile, a lot of users ignore the header picture and bios, but they are as equally important as your profile picture. You always need to complete your Twitter profile because every audience demands complete information about the people or company they want to engage with. And an attractive profile is obvious to grab a positive attention for any audience.
  • Use Infographics: Every audience wants to be educated about the products your company is offering. But giving them a lengthy story will bore them, so it is always wise to use infographics,i.e a combination of pictures and texts. This way they will enjoy educating about your company and its products. You can create infographics from various free as well as paid websites on the internet.
  • Post Pictures: Text tweets are sometimes boring. Post pictures of your products and services. If you are out of them, then post funny and engaging pictures too, so that your audiences gets some refreshment apart from your monotonous business posts.


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  • Question your audience: It is always important to know your customers. Try to start a conversation with them. Suppose you just crossed New Year, so ask them “How was everyone’s New Year and what is your new resolution?” This way they will feel very welcomed and affectionate. A conversation will attract more mass and increase your engagement.
  • Reply to the queries: Take every message very seriously. Any queries answered increases clears the doubt of many customers and the chances of getting your sole purpose fulfilled increases. Customers want to be attended very much, so when their queries are answered they think that the customer support of the company is very good and they assume the company to be a reliable one.
  • Retweet your customers’ tweets: Follow for follow feature rule is very common in Twitter, so is Retweet for Retweet. When you retweet your followers’ tweet, they will in turn retweet your other tweets to. And the potential of getting a tweet retweeted is very high, because your profile is getting endorsed to a larger group.


These basic guidelines if taken care of, it can help you establish a very strong Twitter base and if you buy Twitter retweets with this then you can speed up your Twitter growth at jet speed.