There are lots of choices to mount a car DVR for motorsport, as well as which one you pick will certainly depend largely on the kind of video clip you wish to produce.

car DVR

In a lot of types of car, supply automobile or public house auto racing, you can place the electronic camera inside or outside of the automobile. Installing the electronic camera exterior will certainly generate a video a little bit like a video game, where you will certainly see the relocating track before you yet with no point of view of the vehicle. Often, these types of views are utilized in conjunction with various other in-car video and then modified afterwards to get an overall video clip. A good example would certainly be any of Ken Block‘s “GYMKHANA” videos, where he utilizes several video cameras inside as well as outside of the vehicle.

Frequently, an outside electronic camera install is merely the suction mug placing that comes with the electronic camera. These suction cup mountings are extremely solid as long as the surface is clean as well as relatively smooth, I’ve never ever seen one come off. Alternatively, you can utilize the double-sided tape installing bracket, which is even stronger – yet a little bit more permanent! Just keep in mind though, if you are racing with other cars, placing the video camera on the front or rear bumper might not be a great idea, you might get the car DVR shattered. In those cases you may want to mount the cam on the roofing rather, just above the windscreen. Nevertheless, if you race in solo events, you can place the video camera short on the bumper and also obtain some really cool footage just inches above the ground.

If you intend to take in-car video, then basically it’s just a matter of selecting whether you wish to look out the front or the back, as well as whether you intend to include the vehicle driver in the shot. With the contemporary cams offered currently, this is very simple as they are usually broad angle, so if you mount the cam on, or just behind the roll cage you will get a great view out the front and will certainly likewise have the ability to get the chauffeurs activities – wheelwork, gear adjustments and even more.

car DVR

Similarly, if you wish to get video from out the back, just point the car DVR to the rear of the car.

In both situations, you can use the included suction cup install to connect the video camera to the within the roof covering, (if the race automobile has no roofing system cellular lining) or make use of the dual sided tape install to the roll cage. Some technology examiners (or scrutineers) like you to additionally offer a 2nd approach of safeguarding the video camera, so a straightforward way is running a loop of cable-tie around the place or the cam to the roll cage, so in case the mount came loose, the cam would be able to fly about. To be truthful, the cord ties are actually for program, because I’ve never ever seen a car DVR mount come loose, even in a crash. However you might need it to pass technology inspection or scrutineering.

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