Are you fully utilizing Twitter’s potential?

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March 2015, Twitter completes its 9 years of successful micro blogging. Since its launch, the potential of Twitter has been huge. A good number of brands and companies have utilized Twitter to increase their user engagement and consumers. But still a lot of fundamentals are lost while people think to approach Twitter. The mass of Twitter cannot be ignored as twitter ha about 173 Billion timeline views on the second quarter of 2014 itself. Just imagine the audience it has!   If one utilizes the Twitter fundamentals correctly, then it would be very easy for him to market his company to the large followers.


Twitter is being misunderstood, as the proficiency of Twitter is huge. It is a challenging task to make the best use of Twitter and bring in audience. Below are some fundamentals that need to be utilised in Twitter:

  • Each factor counts: In Twitter people follow various brands and companies and 47% of the users who follow a company visit their official website to check them out. So, it is very necessary to create an eye catching profile. Use your updated company logo on Twitter always and make the cover picture very much relate to the product and services your company deals in and a catchy and convincing bio to persuade users to have a positive thinking about your company.
  • Twitter Trending chart: Everyone is aware of Twitter trending charts. In Twitter on the left side of the timeline, we see a Trending section, where in the major and talking about issues are listed up and shown to the users based on their location and interest. If by any means you can get your company’s campaign into the Tending charts, then that would be a great boost for company’s name online.

The role of retweets is very much in making a content go viral and reaches maximum people. Buy Twitter retweets and see your engagement increase.

  • Be Transparent: Always try to be transparent with your users. Tweet them with a motive so that they would do the action that you wanted from them. Try using embedded tweets with pictures and videos, as they are the contents that provide the maximum conversions. Just a click on the video or image can take them to the landing page where you wanted them to. This will grab traffic for your website and increase your Google authority.
  • Try to engage with your followers: Every company desires of getting the best user engagement for them. Try testing various methods and timings. The time which provides you the maximum conversions and the content which gets the most hits are the factors that can win the users.
  • Influencers’ interaction: Always try to stay connected and interactive with the influencers, because they alone carry huge follower base. A simple retweet from them can do the wonder for you as you are getting endorsed by him to a huge traffic.


The above fundamentals if practised correctly can help you to gain the online existence that you ever wanted. Make the best use of it and buy Twitter retweets from Peatimes to see your business grow in the blink of an eye!